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Bus Window

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Released 12/26/2022
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The "Man" is an intolerant king, who needs everything to be exactly the way he wants, and the slightest opposition to that receives immediate and total punishment.

I think was my bitter feelings of high school, spilling over into my art.


His Majesty walked towards the town
His cape aflow, his henchmen down
The peasants all fell to the ground
And all was quiet except one sound

In a rage they heard him say
"I want to know who ruined my day!"
"I'll tie him up and have him flayed!"
"Let me catch him so that I may!"

Well they found the one who dared
And by the King's just and fair
They dragged him through the town's main square
With high ranks bringing up the rear

What was his crime you ask?
Why did they break his flask
And send him to the man in mask
And use the blade, bucket, and cast?

Well to tell you this happened far
Where people leave their doors ajar
Feather their criminals and paint them tar
And oh, they never heard of a 'guitar'.

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