App developers

Free Music Archive (FMA) used to have an API that app developers could use to make FMA content available in their apps. Due to the heavy load this put on our servers we unfortunately had to shut down our API. That being said, we welcome app developers to FMA provided your apps do not put excessive stress on our servers. Therefor, please keep the following in mind:

  • We do not allow hotlinking (playing FMA music that is hosted on our servers directly). We will monitor our logs actively for referrers that cause excessive bandwidth usage and shut that down, which will break your app. You are allowed to use FMA music provided you host it on your own server and abide by the (Creative Commons) license conditions.
  • Without explicit approval from FMA, it is not allowed to forward search queries from your users to our search engine and scrape content from the returned HTML. If we suspect that is happening without our approval then we will block those requests.

If you are an app developer and are already using our content then please let us know, so that we can discuss if the way you are doing it is fair to us and our artists. Also contact us if you have a new idea for an app that could benefit from our music. We would like to help you use our content correctly.